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floglo commented on Nappies and adult hygiene waste

I am extremely concerned at the councils proposal to stop the adult hygiene waste collections. For adults living with difficult medical conditions that force them to use certain products this weekly service is essential. To expect people to hold onto this type of waste for two weeks is simply unacceptable. After one week this type of waste smells offensive and after two weeks I can only imagine how horrific it will be. It is not about the quantity of waste it is about the type of waste and the fact that it is not pleasant to store it. This service must continue or else you need to reinstate weekly rubbish collections.

developer commented on Complaints, Comments, Feedback and Compliments

Thank you for your feedback Richard. However, the new website is exactly the same as the old one. The navigation structure is identical with some added points of navigation and the content is identical. Can you let us know specifically what you are having trouble finding? We welcome detailed feedback so we can continue to update and continuously improve the website.