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When a planning application is received and has been reviewed by a Planning Officer for completeness it is then “Registered”. A list is published each week of New applications and available below:

Applications being considered

Decision notices are normally issued within 3 working days of the decision being made. When an application is refused clear reasons will be given as to why it is not acceptable. The application fee paid is to process the application and is not refunded if an application is refused. The Council will be happy to discuss changes that may lead to a favourable decision on a revised application. The decision notice gives advice on how to appeal. Only the applicant has the right of appeal against a decision or conditions imposed.

Once a decision has been issued to the applicant the decision notice will be posted on our website.
A list of decisions made is published weekly and available below:

Decided planning applications

For any previous lists, please contact planning.

You can view current and decided applications online