The garden waste collection service will temporarily cease after Friday 3rd April

The Covid19 pandemic is increasing pressure on all council services. We have managed to operate recycling and waste collection services every day but with more team members self-isolating it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver all services as normal. The government is asking us all to lock down non-essential services to preserve life and reduce the spread of the virus.

Household waste recycling centres were closed across the country last week and we have tried to maintain other services as long as possible.

We have taken the decision to cease the garden waste collections after Friday 3rd April until further notice.

The safety of residents and our staff is paramount and reducing non-essential services will allow us to continue to deliver the priority waste collections. Many of the industries in our supply chain are non- essential and some vehicle parts manufacturers are closing down. We need to maintain as much of the fleet as we can to support services. Freeing up garden waste vehicles will extend the delivery of core services.

We will continue to collect residual waste, food waste and recyclables as normal for as long as possible.

We are supplying supermarkets with red, purple and food waste bags but they are unable to store and issue garden bags and containers safely.

We recognise that our customers have only just paid for this service and some are yet to receive their first collection. We ask that you bear with us and we will do all we can to restart the service as quickly as possible.

The call centre staff are dealing with high volumes of calls regarding the support required for those who need to “shield” and are vulnerable residents of our community with health conditions. Many who have been told to self-isolate are in need of support to collect food and medical supplies. I am sure you will understand their need is far greater than queries regarding garden waste collections.

Garden waste FAQs

Why have garden waste collections stopped?
The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted every area of our daily lives. For most local authorities only essential services are running at this time.

What can I do with my garden waste?
Raising the cutting height on blades and mowing more frequently without collecting grass cuttings will help to fertilize the ground and reduce the amount of waste that needs disposing of.

Home composting is an easy alternative for dealing with grass cuttings, leaves and hedge trimmings.

You don’t need a compost bin, just a small area set aside for a simple compost heap will do. If it’s in a sunny spot the grass cuttings will rot down quickly so this can be a practical solution while garden collections are on hold.

A garden compost heap can be beneficial to insects and wildlife at a time when nature also needs a home. Wild patches of grass, hedges and tree canopy also play a huge part in the fight against Climate Change.

Are additional bags available for storage?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional bags at this time.

Can I dispose of garden waste anywhere else?
No, the Household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) are closed during this global pandemic. Only essential journeys should be made for food, health reasons or work (for essential services).

This will increase fly tipping?
It is illegal to fly-tip garden waste. Dumping garden waste on nearby land can damage local biodiversity and wildlife.
If people are caught fly tipping they will be prosecuted and we will ask the courts to impose maximum fines including prison sentences.

When will garden waste collections restart?
Normal council services will be resumed as soon as restrictions are lifted and when staff and vehicles are available.

Will there be a refund?
We are not stopping the service completely and will restart as soon as possible. We will extend the service through the winter and fix the cost of next years’ services to reflect any loss of service this year.

Can I have a partial refund?
The garden waste service is temporarily suspended. We hope you can appreciate that this is unknown territory, we’re unsure of when we will be able to resume collections and cannot offer partial refunds for an unknown period.
Our priority at this time is to keep the main recycling and refuse collections going during the pandemic. As the situation develops we will inform our customers how we may be able to compensate them for the lack of service during this period of uncertainty.
If you do need to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances then can we please ask you to hold off for a little while – Our call centre staff are dealing with high volumes of priority calls regarding the support required for the vulnerable residents of our community, many with health conditions who are in need of support to collect food and medical supplies.
Thank you for your patience.