1.It won’t let me register on My Monmouthshire with my email address?

If the error message says ‘This email address already exists’ this could be that you have already registered with us or the customer services teams have registered you. To reset your password with that email address click the ‘Forgot Password’ button underneath the login screen.

2. How can I suggest improvements for My Monmouthshire?

We have a user panel and if anyone would like to join and help with future forms then contact DigitalProgrammeOffice@monmouthshire.gov.uk or fill in the app feedback form.

3. I’ve tried copying the link into my bookmarks but it doesn’t work, I get a message ‘Oops something went wrong’

If you use the following link http://www.monmouthshire.mycouncilservices.com this will take you to the registration page.

4. I don’t want to have to keep logging in via your website, why can’t you have an option for me to stay logged on like other websites

If you download the app on your device via your appropriate store, then it will keep you logged in as long as you keep the app open.

5. I want to finish a form later but I’m half way through it. Can I do this?

Yes you can:

To save the form to finish later, Web portal = Close (not cancel) the form or Mobile app = click on the Save for later button displayed bottom middle of the page you are on within the form. 

To retrieve and continue completing/submit, go to My AccountDraft Report.

6. What to do if you are experiencing an issue with your stored password when logging onto My Monmouthshire?

My device inserts my stored password as lots of dots in the box (see image below) and when I press the login button I get an error message of ‘Invalid Login Credentials’.

This is because of a security feature of the My Monmouthshire app encrypts your password stored on your device, in other words changes the password to lots of different characters so when you use it again it doesn’t work. 

To prevent the password being encrypted:

  1. Go into your device settings and change the encrypted password to your original and correct password, then save the changes.
  2. When logging in to My Monmouthshire in the future, do not select to update your password when the browser offers the option as this will encrypt the password and will not work at next login.

7. How do I use the location picker/map feature in My Monmouthshire?

When the map is displayed, if you hold your finger down on the red part of the pin it should lift up slightly. You are then able to drag the pin to the correct nearby location and then lift your finger off the screen to drop it in place.

 If you are finding the above method clunky, the Easy Pick option might be a good alternative. To use this, please make sure you have the map displayed and then click the menu button in the top left corner of the screen (three lines). You will then be given other options to pin locations, one of which is the Easy Pick option. Once selected, you can move the map around to find the right location, and this location will automatically change depending on where the ‘target’ symbol lands on the map.

There is also a settings/cog button towards the bottom right side of the screen to show different map layers e.g. Standard, Satellite or Hybrid view. These can sometimes be useful when looking for a location, but the Satellite or Hybrid options may take longer to display, depending on the strength of your internet signal.

8. How do I add more information, chase-up or reply to a comment against my Service Request?

If you have a My Monmouthshire account and need to provide further information against your service request, you can do this by firstly logging in to your account. After this, select My Account and then My Reports. Then click on the relevant Service Request and you can view the current status, or check the Notes section for any further updates that might have been added. From here you can also add your own note that will be directed to the relevant team.