The Single Integrated Plan (SIP) was created on behalf of the Monmouthshire Local Service Board (now Public Service Board).  This is an important plan for the whole County, not just the Council and our partners but for all of our communities and the people that live in them.

Our Vision: Sustainable & Resilient Communities

Working towards this vision we have identified three themes which form part of a cohesive story about how we will achieve our vision.

Theme 1 – Nobody is Left Behind: we want to be a place of cohesive communities where everybody is treated with dignity and respect and has the same opportunity to achieve what they wish.

Theme 2 – People are Confident, Capable and Involved: we want Monmouthshire to feel safe and people to be confident.  We want to create a place where people want to be involved; they are confident in themselves and their abilities and what they contribute to their own community.

Theme 3 – Our County Thrives: we want our county to thrive, which includes the economy that supports our communities and families to live a good life.  It also means that our environment, its range of habitats and biodiversity thrives.

There are three outcomes in each of these themes; they are set out below in greater details.

Theme 1, Outcome 1 – Older people are able to live their good life

For older people to live their good life we need to:

  • Enable older people to be fully independent, maintaining good mobility, health and well-being, confidence and dignity and plan for their futures
  • Explore opportunities to work with our highly skilled older population
  • Nurture good support networks in the community
  • Enable older people to do what matters to them when they choose to
  • Enable older people to stay out of hospital where appropriate
  • Provide suitable support for carers
  • Focus on preventative health and well-being programmes for older people

Theme 1, Outcome 2 – People have access to appropriate and affordable housing

For people in Monmouthshire to have affordable and appropriate housing we need to:

  • Be clear about the size of the demand and type of housing required
  • Ensure people have suitable and appropriate housing
  • Support people to live independently
  • Ensure people have a choice in where they live
  • Promote initiatives to combat the negative effects of welfare reform and reduce fuel poverty

Theme 1, Outcome 3 – People have good access and mobility

For people to have good access and mobility we need to:

  • Ensure rural communities have good access to services
  • Provide better public information on what services and activities are available
  • Improve access to a range of affordable transport opportunities
  • Understand and measure the impact of rural deprivation
  • Engage with rural communities to identify the issues which need to be addressed in order for the rural community to thrive
  • Improve access to job opportunities especially for young people

Theme 2, Outcome 4 – People’s lives are not affected by alcohol and drug misuse

To reduce the impact of substance misuse and enable people to be free from harm, we need to:

  • Target our preventative activity and increase awareness via education programmes
  • Ensure opportunities exist for young people to talk to someone about drug and alcohol issues
  • Create improved awareness of and access to local treatment services and related support
  • Improve public protection within the night time economy
  • Focus services where there is the greatest need
  • Reduce the harms associated with substance misuse related crime and anti-social behavior, by tackling the availability of illegal drugs and the inappropriate availability of alcohol and other substances, focusing partnership resources towards those causing our communities most harm

Theme 2, Outcome 5 – Families are supported

To better support our families to feel supported we need:

  • To support our families earlier to prevent them becoming more vulnerable
  • Better coordinated support which can react more quickly
  • Good access to financial support and advice
  • To ensure our families know how to access Domestic Abuse support
  • To support carers in all settings

Theme 2, Outcome 6 – People feel safe

In order for people to feel safe in their communities we need to:

  • Work with communities to reduce their fear of crime
  • Support children and young people to feel safe without being bullied
  • Break the cycle of crime and anti-social behaviour amongst young people
  • Develop safer road systems and educate drivers
  • Continue to support Community Safety Action Teams (CSATs) in each of our four main towns to provide a local response to community safety issues
  • Emphasise low comparative crime and anti-social behaviour levels and recent reductions year on year
  • Enable vulnerable people to feel safe by reducing domestic violence levels, and further encouraging early identification of hate crimes and incidents, and their positive resolution
  • Work in partnership with communities to support cohesion, reduce hate crime, raise awareness of vulnerability and radicalization and implement effective referral mechanisms for information sharing, thereby facilitating community protection from crime and fear of crime

Theme 3, Outcome 7 – Business and enterprise

To enable business and enterprise to prosper in Monmouthshire, we need:

  • Better access and performance of broadband services and communications
  • Better paid local employment opportunities
  • Graduates to want to return to live and work in Monmouthshire
  • To ensure that an appropriate range of finance is available for Monmouthshire businesses
  • To build on the services already being provided by Monmouthshire Enterprise and its partners to support the growth of new and existing enterprises
  • Availability of a suitable range of business premises
  • Retain more of the spend of visitors, citizens and businesses within Monmouthshire
  • To consider plans to develop and enhance the existing infrastructure in the region by fully participating in the regional economic development collaborations

Theme 3, Outcome 8 – People have access to practical and flexible learning

To access practical and flexible learning we need:

  • To redesign our schools and make them more fit for purpose
  • To offer a more flexible education system that meets the needs of the pupil, their families and employers
  • Improved access to parenting skills
  • Improved access to adult education and learning
  • Improved access to education for vulnerable groups
  • To explore inter-generational connections to support young people
  • To overcome transport as a barrier to further education
  • To address key factors to underachievement
  • Improved ‘life skills’ to be taught to young people, for example how to get mortgages and how to budget
  • To ensure children and young people have access to flexible and appropriate play opportunities

Theme 3, Outcome 9 – People protect and enhance the environment

For our environment to be protected, we need:

  • To enable people to enjoy more of Monmouthshire
  • To realise the potential to partner-up with neighbouring destinations
  • Brand Monmouthshire as a destination to visit
  • Better use of natural assets for outdoor pursuits and activities
  • To build resilience to combat the impact of climate change
  • To produce less waste and recycle more
  • To reduce CO2 emissions and promote a green economy
  • To consider car sharing initiatives and other innovative transport initiatives