How much time do I have to commit?

The whole programme lasts 6 months. There will be a schedule available for the specific cohort you are interested in which includes dates and times etc. (check the ‘join us’ page if registrations are open) There will be a combination of directed learning sessions ‘ labs’ which equate to 1 day a week, and 1 day of ‘experiments’, collaborative work with cohort colleagues on your shared challenge.

You will be learning and working on challenges your organisation is facing. Everything you do will be relevant to your work and will have a positive impact on your effectiveness and outputs.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for you to take part. As the project is part funded by European Social Fund we will match in your time to the programme.

Will I get a qualification?

No – this was not designed as a traditional academic university course. This is innovation, its deigned to change our perceptions of what innovation means, how do we innovate to make meaningful changes and improvement, while building a network to enable wider reach and partnerships.

How is it delivered?

The first few cohorts will all be 100% virtual using Zoom. Depending on the Covid-19 restrictions will inform the delivery going forward. However as one of the two themes is accelerating decarbonisation we hope to continue with the virtual sessions and not encourage people to travel unnecessarily and envisage a blended approach using workshops to enhance your experience.

Is it just for Managers and Senior Leaders?

No. For a culture and organisation to change and adopt new ways of thinking and working, all levels of the organisation need to commit and engage; Chief Officers, senior management, heads of service, team managers and aspiring future leaders. Innovation involves collaboration not only sideways outside our organisation but up and down the levels of management too.

Is it only for Local Authority Staff?

Infuse was designed for public service innovation. The 10 Local Authorities are committed to the themes and it makes sense for there to be a large number of LA staff on the cohorts. As the project progresses opportunities will be offered to all public servants who are invested in one of the themes.

What are the themes?

There are two themes, topics of focus. Some of your directed learning will be with others who are focussed on the same theme as you.

Accelerating Decarbonisation. Some of the possible problems may be:

how do we become carbon neutral? what does it mean to declare a climate emergency? How do we enforce and measure the impact of our changes?

Supportive Communities.

  • How do we deliver services post Covid-19?
  • How do we help our communities become more supportive?
  • What makes a supportive community?
  • How do we measure our impact?

What do you need from me?

We will need your full commitment to the programme and learning. We match your time into the programme and therefore will also require timesheets and supporting evidence to satisfy our funders, but don’t worry it is all standard requirements and the timesheets are monthly and quick to complete.