The Infuse programme is aimed at developing the courage to try new ideas, getting practical hands-on support to explore and prototype, building the personal resilience to learn from failures. Strengthening the spirit of innovation as a key driver of the public sector here in Wales and the UK to explore solutions  driven by the biggest challenges faced by the region:

Accelerating Decarbonisation and Supportive communities.

The programme is designed to maximise the skills and capacity for innovation and ambitious ideas. Delivered over six months, You can expect to progress through five phases, designed to inspire new ways of working, empower you to take action and celebrate your shared learning.

The ‘Inspire’ phase is about challenging the status quo, exploring potential, considering the art of the possible and asking ‘what if…?’ The ‘Learn and Activate’ phase lays the foundations for innovation. Collaborative relationships form and appetite for change is increased. Next is ‘Learn and Explore’, building knowledge and skills in the innovation labs, focussing on collaboration and their team challenge.  ‘Experiment’ phase tests ideas in a safe environment where failure is a success because we’ve learned something. The final phase is ‘Celebration’, where learning is communicated so that everyone can benefit. With coaching and mentoring throughout, by the end of the programme every participant has the confidence and capability to put the newly acquired skills into real world practice.

Each officer experiences learning and exploring sessions from the sharpest minds in Europe. Support to frame the challenge, identify possible solutions, and experiment and test these ideas, with coaching and mentoring support throughout.

Infuse is part of a wider scope of public service improvement, our sister programme the Challenge Fund is designed to offer funding for some of the challenges identified and defined within Infuse.

If you would like to be part of the innovation of future public services, if you have the courage to make changes and lead changes in your organisation, if you want to shape the future for the better, please get in touch with us