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Take a virtual walk through Abergavenny’s all-through 3-19 school.

An all–through school combines at least primary and secondary stages of education and at times also nursery and senior phase within a single institution, and provides continuous education for its pupils throughout phases. The school often occupies a single site and has one governing body. Evidence suggests that all-through schools have beneficial effects on various aspects of school’s day to day running, professional development of staff, and on the educational experience and outcomes of their pupils. Further information on all-through schools can be found here:

Research findings consistently highlight a number of strengths of the all-age model:

  • Improved teaching and learning resulting from joint working and planning, sharing of good practice and developing uniform standards for teaching, learning and assessment framework, and a common understanding of transition requirements;
  • Smoother transition between phases for the pupils arising from familiarity with the school and teachers, cross-phase pedagogical practices and clearer expectations as children progress through the key educational stages;
  • Reduced performance dips owing to the better coherence, continuity but also flexibility associated with cross-phase teaching and learning;
  • Strong ethos and high quality of relationships resulting from common vision and core values, continuity of experience and consistent approach in addressing any behavioural issues;
  • Better pastoral care and emphasis on wellbeing owing to the better knowledge of pupils remaining in the same environment throughout their learning journey;
  • Enhanced support for children with additional learning needs and a culture of inclusion;
  • Improved parental involvement that carries over from the primary through to the secondary stage, and increased opportunities for community engagement and development;
  • Better economic efficiency due to sharing of resources.

The Council is committed to developing and establishing innovative approaches to securing better outcomes through increased continuity in pupil learning through seamless phase to phase transition and a joined up strategy to learning, pastoral care and support.

In order to facilitate the establishment of the all–through school in Abergavenny, the council will cease to maintain Deri View Primary School and King Henry VIII Comprehensive School with effect from 1st September 2023.

The proposed new school will include facilities for:

  • 1200 secondary age pupil places (aged 11-16)
  • 200 pupil pupil places (post 16 / 6th form)
  • 420 pupil places for primary aged pupils
  • 30 full time equivalent (FTE) Nursery pupils and 20 Flying Start places.
  • Suitable accommodation for 71 (16 primary and 55 secondary) pupils with complex neurodevelopmental and learning needs within the school.

Images of the proposed school: