We want to build sustainable and resilient communities that support the well-being of current and future generations. This vision is at the heart of everything we do to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Monmouthshire.

We are striving to deliver high quality services that meet the needs of local people and businesses, to help us achieve this we set objectives and targets, taking account of the things that matter to people.  We are also a member of the Public Services Board (PSB)  in Monmouthshire where we work with public sector partners to improve well-being in the county.

Most recent Publication:

Looking Ahead, Delivering Now: Our Strategy to Summer 2022

When the Coronavirus pandemic began, swift action was needed to address the significant and unprecedented challenges being presented to our way of life and to the way we provided services. We have continued to rise to the challenge by establishing new ways of delivering services to support residents and businesses, assist community activity and maintain staff well-being. To provide clarity and ensure accountability throughout, a revised purpose and set of strategic aims have been established. To date, five iterations of the strategic aims have been developed in accordance with the changing situation, and emerging priorities. The most recent version can be found here, Looking Ahead, Delivering Now: Our Strategy to Summer 2022

Corporate Plan Annual Report 2020/21

Our Corporate Plan sets an ambitious five-year programme aligned to a clear purpose of building sustainable and resilient communities, and this report identifies our progress from April 2020 to March 2021. The world has faced considerable changes during this time, and some of the things we initially set out to do have been paused while we focused on keeping people safe, stopping the spread of Coronavirus and reaching out to those who need help the most. But our goals have remained important during this time, and we have continued activity to deliver against most of them. To guide us through the pandemic, and to ensure we remained accountable, our purpose evolved to reflect the new challenges; we established strategic aims and we tasked the organisation with delivering these. Information on our actions against the strategic aims can also be found in the report.

Corporate Plan Annual Report 2020/21

Corporate plan 2020/21 summary, text version available below

Supporting Monmouthshire through the Coronavirus Pandemic infographic

Corporate Plan Midterm Refresh 2017 – 2022 including Well-being Objectives and Statement

Monmouthshire County Council has updated its Corporate Plan, ‘A Monmouthshire that works for everyone’. The Corporate Plan was published in 2018 to set a clear direction for the Council up to 2022. The refreshed plan re-states the council’s purpose of ‘building sustainable and resilient communities’, and reaffirms the five priority goals and programmes of work, twenty-two in total, which the Council is committed to between now and 2022. The mid-term refresh ensures that the aspirations and activity set remain relevant, are deliverable with the resources we have available, and reflect the things that are important to our communities.

The plan sets five priority goals and includes a number of programmes of work, twenty-two in total, which the Council is committed to between now and 2022. The five goals are:

  • best possible start in life;
  • thriving and connected communities;
  • natural and built environment;
  • lifelong well-being;
  • future-focused council

This refreshed plan also meets our responsibility to produce a Well-being Statement and Objectives, and set Improvement Objectives, under the Well-being of Future Generations Act  and Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009 legislation respectively. We will produce an annual report evaluating the progress we have made on the Corporate Plan by October each year.

Latest Plan:

Corporate Plan Midterm Refresh 2017 – 2022

Corporate Plan Performance Measures

Reviews of Performance

We produce an annual report reviewing our performance in the previous financial year, which includes an evaluation of how well we delivered against the objectives we set. Latest review of performance:

Corporate Plan Annual Report 2020/21

Corporate Plan Annual Report 2020/21 Summary

Previous reviews of Performance:

Corporate Plan Annual Report 2019 – 2020

Corporate Plan annual report – 2018/19

Well-being Objectives and Statement – Annual Report 2017/18

How we performed 2016-17

Performance Measures:

The council is responsible for a range of services.  We monitor how well we are performing throughout the year as we strive to maintain standards and, where resources allow, deliver improvement. Our select committees scrutinise performance of a range of services throughout the year and our plans contain a large number of measures we use to monitor performance.

You can download a full range of performance data for local councils in Wales from statswales.wales.gov.uk and mylocalcouncil.info/

Audit and Regulation

As well as monitoring our own performance, we are also reviewed every year by the Wales Audit Office. We use their assessments to help us focus on the things we need to improve across the council. They produce an annual improvement report, which reports on how well we are delivering our services, and how we have improved since the previous year.  Reports can be read at www.wao.gov.uk

Getting in touch

We’re always interested in people’s views about how we are doing. If you want to share your views on our performance you can e-mail us using improvement@monmouthshire.gov.uk