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Monmouthshire Replacement Local Development Plan 2018-2033 Preferred Strategy

Monmouthshire County Council has taken another step forward in developing its proposals for a Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP). The Council agreed to publish its new Preferred Strategy for public consultation and engagement from 5th December 2022 to 30th January 2023. Comments are also invited on the Candidate Sites Register, which lists all of the sites put forward by landowners, developers and other groups for potential inclusion in the RLDP.

The new strategy makes provision for up to 2,200 new homes by 2033 in addition to the 3,700 homes already in the pipeline or completed since 2018.  On new site allocations, approximately a third of the new homes will be social housing for rent and another 17% will be affordable housing available at less than market price.  The Plan will also make provision for 6,240 jobs and will be accompanied by an Infrastructure Plan, updated Local Transport Plan and an Economic Development Strategy.

The Council has appraised all the sites which have been offered for development and the new strategy proposes three strategic sites for future housing. These sites will be:

  • Abergavenny East – 500 homes together with employment, retail, leisure, education and community uses
  • Caldicot East – 925 homes together with employment, retail and leisure uses
  • Bayfield Chepstow – 145 homes

Cllr. Paul Griffiths, Deputy Leader of Monmouthshire County Council, said: “These sites have been selected because they will add to the sustainability of existing settlements. Residents of these new homes will be well connected to existing town centres, schools and transport facilities. It is my ambition that the homes that are built on these sites will be net zero carbon ready and built to the highest possible standards of design and construction. The Council will work with the Design Commission for Wales, housing developers, and everyone else who can work with us in making these developments the very best places to live, work and enjoy – homes that are affordable, well connected to local facilities and making a positive contribution to our environment. The next two years will be an exciting and creative journey as we ensure that the very best homes are built here in Monmouthshire.”

For more information about the consultation visit Monmouthshire County Council’s website: RLDP- News & Consultations – Monmouthshire

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