View your council tax or business rate account on-line

You can check charges, relief, discounts and payments made. If you are in receipt of council tax reduction you can also check the information being used to calculate that benefit. In order to use this facility you must have your latest bill or notice from us to hand, as the “Online reference” quoted is required for access.

2015/16 Leaflets

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  • tocidlac commented:
    24 October 2014 at 15:32

    At a time when I thought the Council was trying to save money I have received over the period of two weeks five communications from the `Shared Benefits Service` relating to `Claim Re-Assesed`, `Change in Income`, etc, all being many pages of incomprehensible figures taken to six decimal points. This culminates in a demand for unpaid Council Tax for the year of 67p, payable by Nov 15th, after which, Bailiffs perhaps? You couldn`t make it up.

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