How to Submit a SAB Application

You can submit a SAB Pre-Application Advice form or Full Application Advice form by downloading one of the forms below and sending them in to us at:

SuDS Approving Body (SAB),
Highways and Flood Risk Management,
PO Box 106,
NP26 9AN

Or electronically to:

SAB Pre-Application Advice Form

Guidance for SAB Pre-Application Advice

SAB Full Application Form

Guidance for SAB Full Application

SAB Approval of Conditions Form

Making Payment for your SAB Application

SAB Pre-Application List of Fees

SAB Full Application List of Fees

You can make payment for your application via any of the following methods:

Cheque (Made payable to Monmouthshire County Council), either included with the hard copy of your application or sent to Income Office, Monmouthshire County Council, PO Box 106, Caldicot. NP26 9AN.

Credit/Debit Card, by telephoning the Income Office on 01633 644355 or online at (click on ‘SuDS Pre-Application Advice’ or ‘SuDS Full Application’, then select the correct option under ‘Services’).

Bank Transfer, to the following details: Mon CC Main Account, 20-18-23, 13996565.

In all cases, please state clearly whether it is a SAB Pre-Application Advice submission or Full Application you are paying for. Where possible, please include the reference number of your application (e.g. SAB/2019/000), or if you do not have this please provide the site address so we can allocate the payment correctly.

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