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The SAB offers a chargeable Pre-Application Advice service to discuss in detail your site, drainage requirements and what needs to be submitted with your application. While this process will be separate from the planning application process, discussion and consultation between the Local Planning Authority (LPA), the SAB and the developer will need to take place from the pre-application stage to ensure suitability of proposed SuDS design in line with the National Standards, adequate site layout and ultimately SAB approval. This service, which will be paramount to help limit delays to approval and reduce cost in the long term, is strongly encouraged before submitting your full application.

The fees for Pre-Application Advice are discretionary, and are variable dependent on site area and the level of service required. You can view the list of fees by clicking here: Pre-App fees

The Benefits of Pre-Application Advice

  • The application process will be quicker.
  • It will save unnecessary redesign costs and the time associated with this.
  • To discuss any potential issues that may arise through the design process and solutions for these.
  • It will broaden the knowledge and ideas for sustainable drainage designs and management of surface water that is compliant with the National SuDS Standards, which will help future developments.

How do I Apply?

You can choose how you’d like to apply on the Apply for SAB Pre-Application Advice page.

Further Information