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Any couple may choose to have their relationship legally recognised by registering a civil partnership and becoming civil partners. Unfortunately we are unable to advise you whether a marriage or civil partnership is more appropriate for you so if you are unsure we would recommend that you seek legal advice.

How do we arrange our civil partnership?

Firstly you should decide where and when you would like to form your civil partnership. This may be at the Register Office in Usk or anywhere else in England or Wales, or at one of our approved venues.

You should then contact the Superintendent Registrar to make a provisional booking. This can be done as soon as you have booked the venue.

Who can register?

Two people who are:

  • Aged 16 or over (with consent if under 18)
  • Not already married or in a civil partnership
  • Not closely related.

How do we register?

  • Firstly you must give notice of your intention to register to your local Registration authority.
  • Then after 28 clear days you can register your civil partnership during a ceremony by signing a civil partnership schedule in front of the registrar and two witnesses, it is our policy in Monmouthshire to ask you to repeat certain phrases out loud as confirmation of your intentions.
  • You will have to pay fees to give notice and for the formation ceremony.

How do we give Notice?

  • You must both attend in person to give notice to the authorised person of the local authority area where you have lived for 7 days immediately prior to giving notice.
  • You must allow 28 clear days between the notice and the formation of the partnership.
  • You will have to produce documents to prove name, age, nationality and address. The Registrar will be able to advise you.
  • If you both live in the same Registration District it is helpful for both of you to be present when the Notice is given.
  • If you live in Monmouthshire, the Register Office is at Rhadyr, Usk, NP15 1GA.

One or both of us are not British Citizens

If you are not a

  • British citizen,
  • national of a country in the European Economic Area(EEA)
  • or do not have a certificate of entitlement giving you right of abode in the UK
    you are subject to immigration control and must give notice in a Designated Register Office.  Further information is available from the Superintendent Registrar Tel: 01873 735435 or from the Home Office

How much does it cost to give Notice of civil partnership?

The fee for each notice is £35.00, payable at the time of giving the Notice.

Do we need to make an appointment?

Yes, to make an appointment, or for any other advice on civil partnerships, you should telephone the Register Office directly on 01873 735435 or email:

What happens once we have given Notice of Civil Partnership?

  • The Registrar will issue a ‘civil partnership schedule’ in the area where the partnership is to be registered, 28 clear days after both parties have given a Notice.
    The schedule is only valid for twelve months from the date on which you give Notice.

Can we have a ceremony?

Yes.  Although the formation ceremony can be very simple and intimate, you may wish to invite your family and friends to celebrate with you at this special time.  Monmouthshire offers a choice of ceremonies which you may enhance with readings and music.  The Superintendent Registrar will be happy to advise you.

Where can we form our partnership?

How much will it cost?

Please see list of fees, for costs.