Students over 16 and under 19 at the start of the academic year residing in Monmouthshire and living more than two miles from and attending the nearest suitable school may benefit from post 16 concessionary transport.  This transport is subject to a charge of £440 per annum but is not guaranteed as it is granted only if there is sufficient room on a school bus.

Post 16 applications for transport are subject to a deadline of Friday 23rd August.  This enables the council to allocate seats to other concessionary school transport passengers after this date.

Pupils residing in Monmouthshire currently over the age of 16 are entitled to subsidised home to school transport subject to the post 16 criteria as set out in the home to school transport policy.

Please review the policy and then complete the online application form on My Monmouthshire for Post 16 Transport. If you haven’t already registered for My Monmouthshire you will need to do this, using the link below, before completing the application form.

By registering and completing the form online you can track the progress of your application and receive updates as it is processed. Once registered, the application form will be available under the Schools and Learning area of My Monmouthshire.

If you’ve already registered using the My Monmouthshire app, currently available on Apple, Android and Windows devices, then you can use the same email and password to log-in.

Click the icon below to complete the form –