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Black bag sorting area – frequently asked questions

Can I bring unsorted black bag waste to the Recycling Centre?
No, You must not bring unsorted waste to the Recycling Centre. Residents bringing in black bags will be asked to open and sort any recyclable items. Over 50% of items brought in black bags are recyclable.
Monmouthshire has declared a climate emergency, waste has a big impact on the environment and by recycling more and disposing of less we can all reduce our impact. Recyclable materials such as food, glass, cans, paper, plastics and cardboard are being thrown away when they can be collected and recycled at the kerbside or Recycling Centres.

What is the Policy?
The Policy seeks to encourage residents to sort their waste, ideally at home, to avoid throwing recyclable waste away at the HWRC.

Why has the Policy been introduced?

  • To try and encourage more people to recycle more, either at home or at the HWRC.
  • MCC must meet stringent targets set by Welsh Government:
  • At least 64% must be recycled by April 2020
  • At least 70% must be recycled by April 2025
  • For every 1% that the target is missed we will be fined around £100,000.

When does the policy start?
The Policy starts from 25th of October 2022.

What do I have to do?

  • Sort recyclable waste from non-recyclable materials at home so that when you visit the HWRC you can place recycling in the correct bins. This will make your visit quicker and easier.
  • Open bags that you bring to the HWRC to show our team that they do not contain recycling. If they do, you will need to sort them on site or return home to do this.
  • Only non-recyclable items will be allowed in the Household Waste residual skip.

Won’t this Policy increase flytipping?
Fly tipping is a criminal offence. Any individuals who do not deal responsibly with their waste will be investigated by the Council’s enforcement team.
Other councils that have introduced a Bag Sorting Area at their HWRCs have not experienced an increase in flytipped materials.

What if I have sensitive items in my bags?
You will still be asked to remove any recyclable items from the bags. Our team will be sensitive to your needs but may ask you to take the bags home for disposal through your curb side collection.

Will the site staff sort my bags for me?
No. The bags contain your waste, and it is your responsibility to sort them. We can provide gloves to help you.

How do I get extra recycling containers to recycle at home?
We keep a stock of containers at all of our community hubs. Alternatively you can request containers here or over the telephone (01633 644644) and we will deliver them to you if you are unable to visit a community hub.

Recycling Centre FAQs

Why don’t you open those sites seven days a week?
You can only visit during your pre-booked slot time. Mitchel Troy is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. Llanfoist is closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Five Lanes is closed on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

We need to move material out of the sites, so the closed days gives us time to do this without closing during the open days.

What do I need to do before I can come to the recycling centre?
You must book a slot online before visiting the Recycling Centre. You must arrive within your 30-minute slot and bring your booking confirmation (email receipt – digital or printed out).

If you are unable to book online, you can call us on 01633 644644, please note down the booking reference you are given and bring it to site.

Why are you keeping the booking system?
The booking system was brought in to re-open sites safely in line with Welsh Government Covid guidelines. The system proved very successful in not only managing social distancing and site management but also in increasing recycling, reducing queuing, reducing aggression on site and delivering a more sustainable service model. As such the Council decided to adopt the booking system and make it permanent last year. The report that recommended these changes went through a robust scrutiny process with residents and Members. We recognise the any changes are difficult at first, but we are confident this is the right way moving forward.

We have increased the number of available spaces as restrictions have lifted. Vans and car/trailers can also be booked in and there are available spaces, there are no limits on number of visits per month although we minimise the number of daily visits to ensure capacity for all. There is ample availability for residents, and you can often book a slot for the next day or two. Residents should make use of the kerbside collections to manage their regular domestic waste. Trips to the Recycling Centre should be infrequent and planned as this will reduce car journeys and increase recycling.

How do I cancel my booking?
If you are unable to attend your booking and would like to cancel please do the following:
Log into your My Monmouthshire account and click on “appointments and bookings”. Your Recycling Centre booking will be listed under “appointments”. To cancel click the cross listed under “cancel”. Select your reason for cancelling and submit. Your booking will be cancelled.
Please feel free to book a new appointment if required.

Why have the opening times changed?
The opening times of the sites have been reviewed and changed in October 2021 to make the sites run more efficiently. The sites are open from 8am to 4pm. The early evening times were underutilised particularly during Winter.
Each site is closed on two days a week. The days are consecutive and during the week when demand is lowest. With the booking system in place there is ample capacity to allow residents to access the recycling centres. At least one site is open each day of the week providing full coverage across the County.

These changes were agreed by Councillors in 2020 following public consultation and a robust scrutiny process with Members and residents.

Do I need a resident’s permit?
You do not have to bring a resident’s permit to visit the Recycling Centre anymore. We are not renewing resident’s permits. The Recycling Centres are only open to Monmouthshire residents and you need to book a slot online via our My Monmouthshire booking system.

How long will I have on site to empty my car?
You must arrive within your booked 30-minute slot. Please keep your time on site down to 5 minutes to keep the traffic flowing. This is to ensure all booked cars can access the site in their pre-booked slots. Please pre-sort your waste before arriving to keep your visit short.

How do I recycle bulky waste items such as furniture and white goods?
Bulky waste items can be collected by homemakers, up to 3 items can be collected for £20. Visit our Bulky waste collection page for more details.

Bulky waste items will be accepted at the Recycling Centre but with the social distancing guidance site staff will be unable to assist in unloading material so please do not bring bulky items that you cannot manage on your own.

You will not be able to bring bulky items to the recycling centre if you cannot carry them yourself.

Can I bring commercial waste to the Recycling Centre?
Businesses have a statutory duty to make arrangements for their own waste disposal. They are not allowed to use the Recycling Centre. Business/trade waste can be disposed of at Llanfoist and Five Lanes sites over the weighbridge at competitive commercial rates (details on site). To ensure compliance with the site’s permits, a valid “Waste Carrier Licence” should be produced prior to using the sites. Site personnel will be happy to help businesses obtain this licence.

You can contact the site regarding disposal of business waste: Llanfoist 01873 736261.

What if I have an item in my boot that is too good to tip?
Good quality items that are safe and usable may be placed outside the reuse container on site – but please speak to a member of staff first.
These items end up in our Reuse Shops at Llanfoist and Five Lanes – More Details.