Our reuse shop opened in 2019 and was an instant hit, selling garden and household items that were saved from the skips.
We’ve closed the shop during this wintry spell (January and February) but will open again on Thursday March 5th. However, if we get a few days of unseasonably good weather we might do a one day flash sale. We’ll keep you updated here and on social media.
For now though we’re sending a huge thanks to all our loyal customers and best wishes for the New Year!

Monmouthshire County Council have opened a Reuse Shop at the Llanfoist Recycling Centre that sells items that were destined for recycling or disposal. Diverting these items from disposal to reuse greatly reduces the environmental impact and local residents benefit from the opportunity to purchase low cost items.

See our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information:

  1. Where is the shop?
    You’ll find our new shop at the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Llanfoist, near Abergavenny. NP7 9AQ.
  2. What are the opening times?
    10.00am to 2.00pm Thursdays and Fridays.
  3. Why is it not open more often?
    It is likely that the shop will extend its opening hours in the future.
  4. What kind of items are on sale at the shop?
    Wooden furniture, garden ornaments, bric-a-brac, salvaged stuff, bikes, musical instruments and sports equipment.
  5. What sort of prices are typical?
    Most items on sale should only cost a few pounds.
  6. Who is in charge of the shop?
    Monmouthshire County Council
  7. Are you looking for volunteers?
    We are currently working with Volunteering for Wellbeing to develop our volunteer base. Check their Facebook page for future volunteering opportunities https://www.facebook.com/volunteeringforwellbeing
  8. Where does the money go?
    Monmouthshire has declared a Climate Emergency – profits from shop will go towards tree planting in our towns and villages to help increase the urban tree canopy cover and mitigate the effects of climate change at a local level.
  9. Can I drop stuff directly to the shop?
    No, all items should be deposited at the household waste recycling centre. Speak to a member of staff if you have an item that is too good to tip.
  10. Can I pick something out of the skip and pay at the shop?
    No, this is not permitted for health and safety reasons.
  11. Can I order something in case it comes in?
    We can’t take orders for items but shop staff will try to help.
  12. Can I return an item?
    Yes. All goods are second hand and have been previously used. We advise that you inspect items thoroughly before buying them. Items will have a sales receipt that will include a full description including wear, tear and any damage.
  13. Can I walk to the shop?
    No, the narrow approach road is not safe for pedestrian access. So, for now, access to the shop and recycling centre is by vehicle only.
  14. Can I take house clearance or boot sale stuff to the shop?
    No, unfortunately, there is limited space in the shop – so we can only take selected items that have come from the household waste recycling centre.
  15. Is the shop open to Monmouthshire residents only?
    Our reuse shop is open to all.
  16. Can businesses or traders buy items from the shop?
    Yes, the shop is open to all.
  17. Are children allowed in the shop?
    Yes children are welcome but safety is our priority so they must be supervised at all times.
  18. Is there disabled access to the shop?
    Yes, there is disabled access and parking.
  19. Are there public toilets at the shop?
    There are no public toilets on site although there are toilets nearby.
  20. Will other recycling centres in Monmouthshire also have a reuse shop?
    If the shop proves successful, we hope to open a second one at our
    Five Lanes recycling centre near Caerwent.