All local Planning Authorities in Wales have to ensure that sufficient land is available or will become available for a 5 year supply of housing land. National Planning Policy (Technical Advice Note 1) requires each Authority to prepare a Joint Housing Land Availability Study (JHLAS) every year.

The studies are part of the evidence base for the Local Development Plan (LDP) and are also used in the Annual Monitoring Report for the LDP. Housing sites with current planning permission, dwellings that have been built in the last year, or are currently under construction and those identified for residential purposes in the Adopted Development Plan are all included within the study. The latest Joint Housing Land Availability (JHLA) Study Report (June 2019) shows that: –

  • 443 new dwellings were built in 2018/2019.
  • At 1st April 2019, Monmouthshire had 4.0 years supply of housing land.

All of the sites in the study are available in a detailed JHLA Schedule (2019).

The Council have now begun work on the 2018/19 JHLA Study, a timetable for the production of the final report is available to view here. We are currently at stage 4 of the timetable, to date we have carried out a survey of all sites in the County which either have a current planning permission or have been allocated for residential development in the LDP. This information has been collated and included on a Draft Site Schedule with a proforma and site plan available for each site. Following a Study Group meeting held on 9 May 2019 a Statement of Common Ground has been submitted to the Welsh Government.

2015 JHLA Study .

2016 JHLA Study.

2017 JHLA Study. 

2018 JHLA Study.