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* new data for 2021


Electric Vehicle charging

Electric Vehicle information, including charging points

Environmental Health






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Street Services

We do not record information on trees in a way that allows us to report x number of trees were planted / cut down, as it’s more than one team that may do so and none of it is recorded centrally. To collate this information would require a manual search through invoices relating to trees which would take well in excess of the 18 hours allowed us by Section 12 of the FOI Act. We do however have records of trees purchased and planted in MCC. Within the data, 1475 whips and 23 trees were planted on MHA owned public open spaces by MCC under contract. In addition to the trees we have planted 182 honeysuckle whips and 233 dog rose whips within hedges and woodland copse planting to increase biodiversity value.  They have been included in the numbers as they are purchased in the bulk of buying tree whips.

Total number of trees for town centres are:

Chepstow x9 all Carpinus Fastigiata

Monmouth x16 – x8 Prunus accolade and X8 Carpinus Fastigiata

Waste and Recycling

Fly tipping


Waste Management

Many statistics on Waste Management are available online:


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