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Monmouthshire County Council has installed electric vehicle charge points for public use at the following car parks:

LocationNumber and typeCharging network
Abergavenny: Trinity Terrace, NP7 5BD2 dual (Fast)Dragon Charging

Abergavenny: Bus Station, NP7 5HF
1 dual (Fast)Gwent Energy CIC
Caldicot: Woodstock Way, NP26 4FF2 dual (Fast)Dragon Charging
Chepstow: Castle Dell, NP16 5GA2 dual (Fast)Dragon Charging
Chepstow: Welsh Street, NP16 5JA1 single (Fast)Gwent Energy CIC
Monmouth: Glendower Street, NP25 3DF2 dual (Fast)Dragon Charging
Usk: Maryport Street South, NP15 1AZ4 dual (Fast)Dragon Charging
Magor: Sycamore Terrace, NP26 3ER1 dual (Fast)Dragon Charging
  • Slow = 6 – 8 hours approximate charge time
  • Fast = 3 – 4 hours approximate charge time
  • Rapid = 30 minutes approximate charge time

How do you charge an electric vehicle?

You will need a compatible plug-to-plug cable which should be supplied with your vehicle.

Creating an account

Depending on the brand of charger, access to charging is provided by contactless payment, an RFID card or via a website or app where you can set up your account. You can set up your account using the links below:

Visit the Dragon Charging website

Visit the Gwent Energy CIC website

How to operate the charge point

Once you have set up your account further information and instructions on how to use the charging points can be found on the website or app you are using. You can also find instruction guides below:

Dragon Charging instructions

Gwent Energy CIC instructions

When the car is fully charged, charging will stop automatically. Charging can be interrupted or stopped at any time by presenting the RFID card or by providing a command via a smart phone application.

How much does it cost?

For Dragon Charging there is a charge of 35p per kWh. Payments can be made via the Dragon Charging Network website.

For points operated by Gwent Energy CIC there is a charge of 30p per kWh.

Costs for other charging points can be found on Zap Map

Parking charges: You are exempt from parking charges in Monmouthshire County Council operated car parks if you are actively charging your electric vehicle in a designated charging bay. 

Reporting maintenance problems

Silverstone Green Energy maintain and operate the chargers that are part of the Dragon Charging Network on behalf of the council.

To report any problems with a Dragon charge point use the 24 hour Dragon Charging Network customer helpline: (01834) 474480.

To report any problems with a Gwent Energy CIC charge point call 07943 291229.

What are the plans to prevent the parking spaces being used by vehicles other than EVs?

The Council will be introducing a Traffic Regulation Order limiting the use of the bays to electric vehicles only, for a maximum stay of 4 hours. Traffic Regulation Orders allow the Council to enforce the regulations set out in that order. If there was an issue where users were unable to access the charge points due to non EVs parking in the bays we would have the ability to take enforcement action. This action could be that our Civil Enforcement officers issue a Penalty Charge Notice to vehicles contravening the traffic regulation order.

What type of information will the charge point units collect and how will it be used?

Charge point units will collect information related to charge point use frequency and electricity usage. The data will be anonymous and will be collected and transmitted (using encryption) to a Charge Point Management System (CPMS). Charge point unit hosts will be able to access anonymous data relating to use of their equipment.

How were the electric vehicle charge points funded?

Gwent Local Authorities have been awarded grant funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to cover up to 75% of the costs to install electric vehicle charge points in car parks in residential areas. The Local Authorities are match funding the remaining 25% costs for their sites.