Monmouthshire / Sir Fynwy


MonmouthpediA is the first Wikipedia project to embrace a whole town.

The project aims to cover every single notable place, person, artefact, plant, animal and other things in Monmouth in as many languages as possible, but with a special focus on Welsh. This is a different scale of wiki-project. The project is jointly funded by Monmouthshire County Council and Wikimedia UK, Monmouthshire County Council are currently installing free town wide Wi-Fi for the project.

Monmouthpedia uses QRpedia codes, a type of bar code a smartphone or tablet can read through its camera (using one of the many free QR readers available) that takes you to a Wikipedia article in your language. QR codes are extremely useful, as physical signs have no way of displaying the same amount of information and in a potentially huge number of languages.

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johnchidlow commented on Our new council website – what do you think?:

Is anybody else having difficulty getting their Blue Waste Box emptied. For the second week running, our box has not been emptied, but the others along the pavement in Troddi Close have been. I feel that I am being discriminated against. All I get from the Council is promises but no action. Continue reading 'Our new council website – what do you think?' >

tocidlac commented on Bus Timetables:

There is a free bus provided by Tesco on Saturday mornings from Caldicot / Rogiet / Magor to Spytty Retail Park. Operated by NAT. Continue reading 'Bus Timetables' >