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This is simply a conversation which takes place in order to find out what your needs are, and how you can be supported as someone who looks after someone else. Some people find the idea of an “assessment” daunting as they feel they are somehow being tested or judged in their ability to look after a friend or loved one, this is absolutely not the case. This conversation is a chance for you to talk about how caring impacts on your life, and is an opportunity for you to talk it through with a social care professional

How to Plan for a Carers Needs Assessment

Some examples of what can be covered within this conversation are:

  • Your caring role and how it affects your life and well-being
  • Your health – physical, mental and emotional issues
  • Your feelings and choices about caring
  • Work, study, training, leisure
  • Relationships, social activities and your goals
  • Housing
  • Planning for Emergencies (such as a Carer Emergency Scheme) – the local council should be able to tell you more about what they can do to help you plan for an emergency
  • Respite
  • Finances
  • Maintaining your own identity

Even if the person you care for has refused an assessment or support, you can still have a carer’s needs assessment, and you can ask for it to take place somewhere that is convenient for you, in your home, the home of the person you care for, or elsewhere if you prefer.

If you are over 18 and want to discuss your caring role more contact the Integrated Service Team for your area.

Abergavenny Tel: 01873 735885

Monmouth/Raglan/Usk/Trellech Tel: 01600 773041

Chepstow/Caldicot Tel: 01291 635666

Monmouthshire Young Carers: 07970166975