Updated 29/7/20

We’re making some temporary changes to make Monmouth safe for our communities to return and support our local shops and businesses. A  marketing strategy is in place and there is more to come.

Some adjustments are being made at the bus station to offer travellers more space whilst waiting.

Measures have been introduced to increase the pedestrian environment in Monnow Street. This is being done in two phases to accommodate the Agincourt Square works. Phase 1 comprised a full traffic closure of Monnow Street (except for access and disabled) for up to 6 weeks. During this period, access through St John Street to Monnow Street has been closed. Two-way traffic is permitted from the bus station towards Blestium Street.

Phase 2 has now been implemented and comprises a one-way system through Agincourt Square and into Monnow Street as far as the bus station, with two way traffic from the bus station towards Blestium Street. St. John Street will be re-opened.

The map showing the Phase 2 one-way scheme for Monnow Street can be viewed by a link at the bottom of this page.

Nailer’s Lane will still be accessible for residents’ parking.

Feedback has been received on the plans to reconfigure St Thomas’ roundabout to create a pedestrian area outside the Green Dragon pub, Ty price and St Thomas Church. The original design is being reviewed to allow the roundabout to continue as is but where possible to create some more space for pedestrians. The idea to make Goldwire Lane onto St Thomas Roundabout vehicle access only (ie. no through road), which improves the route for pedestrians, remains but there is an impact upon residents so this needs to be looked at in more detail.

A 20mph zone will be introduced with speed reduction measures at entrance points covering the whole of Monmouth and Wyesham except the A40, A466, and A4136.

All of the changes are part of a trial. We are getting feedback and plans are being adjusted as appropriate. We continue to listen and learn as the trial progresses and we are adapting designs to improve based on feedback. If some of the changes are successful, we will consider making them permanent, following future consultation.

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