Updated 25th March 2021

In response to your feedback, two-way traffic was re-introduced into Monnow Street, with widened pavement areas provided where possible, and as much on-street parking and loading retained as possible.  The purpose of the widened pavement areas is to ensure shoppers and visitors to Monmouth can socially distance and therefore safely support local businesses, as well as providing scope for businesses to apply for a licence for outdoor seating or displays.

Attempts to demarcate these areas using attractive bollards was unsuccessful due to a minority of people removing the bollards.  Large white water-filled barriers were introduced in their place, but these too were being moved.

The trial layout has now been set out with a temporary kerb with tarmac backfill.  This is being enhanced with planters and parklets.  This will provide an enhanced pedestrian environment, making the widened pavements feel like pedestrian spaces rather than pedestrians feel like they are intruding onto the carriageway.  As much on-street parking and loading areas have been retained, and in response to feedback, these will be clearly signed.  The Traffic Regulation Order has been amended to reflect the new layout, and the parking areas are now being enforced.  Please do not, under any circumstances, try to park on the pavement areas.  This causes a danger and inconvenience to pedestrians.

Later this year we will consult on options for the future look and feel of Monnow Street.

The following cycling infrastructure will be installed in the next few weeks:

•             11 Theta Cycle Hoops (Monnow Street / Cinderhill Street / Kings Fee / Oldway Cente / Attik & Library

•             Bike Shelter (by public toilets at Monnow Bridge)

•             1 Public Bike Pump (Agincourt Square)

•             2 x Planter Racks (Agincourt Square)

These parkletts, designed to house tables and chairs, will contain plants very shortly

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