The council has a policy for the management of its cemeteries, based upon local authorities cemeteries order 1977 (LACO) and current best practice.

Cemetery fees

What the fees cover

The Cemetery fees cover a range of cemetery services including Interments, the issue and transfer of the Exclusive Right of Burial (ERB) and the Right to erect a Memorial.

How fees are paid

On many occasions arrangements are made by the Funeral Director or Memorial Mason. If that is the case, payment will normally be made by the Funeral Director/Memorial Mason on behalf of the bereaved.

On other occasions, if you have dealt directly with your Community Hub (Abergavenny,  Caldicot, Chepstow,  Usk or Monmouth) you will be advised of the possible methods of payment.

Fees are set annually.

If you cannot afford a funeral

Sometimes a family member may die and the family may not have the means to pay for the funeral. On such occasions, the Council may have a responsibility for making the arrangements for the funeral of the deceased. This is referred to as a Section 46 funeral.

If you wish to consider taking this course of action, your first contact should be with your local Community Hub Shop, Abergavenny,  Caldicot, Chepstow, Usk or Monmouth. It is important that you contact your local Community Hub before confirming any arrangements with a Funeral Director.