The Council provides discretionary transport for Post 16 learners and those learners in statutory education who are not eligible for free home to school transport. Parents are invited to fill in an application for concessionary travel and if there is a vacant seat on existing contracts you may be awarded a place in line with the concessionary travel policy. Please note there is no guarantee that you will be awarded a seat if you apply as any applications for Post 16 discretionary transport will be prioritised over concessionary transport applications. 

When considering applications for discretionary transport, seats will only be allocated if there is no financial implication for the council; no alteration or disruption to the transport route and the learner is taken to the nearest pick-up point on the route as determined by the operator or the Commissioning Team.  The council will charge £440 per annum and will endeavour to award concessionary seats within a period of two weeks after the start of the academic year. Parents are responsible for arranging alternative transport until a seat is awarded.  Payments can be made in full or standing orders can be arranged with the Sundry Debtor Team once invoices have been issued. The full amount will need to be paid within the academic year and we will not accept any applications for learners who have outstanding balances from a previous academic year.

If you do not live in Monmouthshire but have a child attending a Monmouthshire school, they will not ordinarily be eligible for transport. If, however we do have spare seats remaining after all the Monmouthshire residents’ applications have been processed, we will consider applications from non-Monmouthshire residents. If seats are awarded there is no guarantee that the seat will be available for the duration of the academic year as an application from a learner eligible for statutory transport will result in the seat being re-allocated to them.

Please be advised that the Concessionary Transport application forms for the academic year 23/24 are not currently available.  These will be available from 1st May 2023, any application forms received before this date for 23/24 will not be considered and will be removed from our system, you will then have to reapply from 1st May 2023. This is to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to apply for and be awarded concessionary transport

Concessionary transport is not a statutory service and is offered on a discretionary basis as such there is no right to appeal if you are not awarded a concessionary seat.

Pupils will not be authorised to use a concessionary placement until officially confirmed in writing by The Passenger Transport Unit.  If you are awarded transport and you move schools or address then you are to advise The Passenger Transport Unit immediately in writing so that we can reassess your eligibility for the transport. If your seat is subsequently cancelled, we will review the balance on any payments and if necessary, issue you a refund. If you are paying by instalments, we will calculate the fee due at the point that the transport is withdrawn and advise you accordingly. You will remain liable for any outstanding payments

Applications for concessionary travel will close on Friday 4th August 2023. Should we have vacant seats remaining after considering the applications received we will invite further applications and more details will be made available on our website if that situation arises.

For further information on how to apply for transport please refer to the guidance notes that can be found by following the link below. Please review the guidance and then complete the online application form on My Monmouthshire for Concessionary Home to School Transport. If you haven’t already registered for My Monmouthshire you will need to do this, using the link below, before completing the application form.

By registering and completing the form online you can track the progress of your application and receive updates as it is processed. Once registered, the application form will be available under the Schools and Learning area of My Monmouthshire.

If you’ve already registered using the My Monmouthshire app, currently available on Apple, Android and Windows devices, then you can use the same email and password to log-in.

Click the icon below to complete the form –