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What to do if you have a specific concern about an existing tree

Before reporting

Please ensure you have done the following before reporting tree concerns to us:

  • Read our tree policy
  • Read our tree policy FAQ’s
  • Read this page in full

Identifying ownership of trees

You must identify the owner of a tree before reporting to ensure you are reporting to the correct team or person. Reporting to the wrong team or person may slow down your inquiry. It may be possible for you to identify the body responsible for a tree using the MyMonmouthshire local info map section. If you are unable to identify ownership yourself, you may contact the council for guidance: Call Centre: 01633 644644 or

Trees on Council Land

For all tree concerns, including those on highways please fill out the tree reporting form on MyMonmouthshire. Please be as accurate as possible whilst describing the issue. You may also report it via telephone on 01633 644644 or via email

Trees on Public Right of Way

Monmouthshire County Council do not own trees adjacent to public rights of way (PROW) and, as such, are not in a position to manage them in any way. However, if a tree or branch falls across a PROW blocking or impeding access, the county council have a duty to clear it.

Use our interactive map to report an issue on a right of way. Alternatively, you can email

Trees on Private Land

The council does not have the authority to operate on private land, all concerns about trees on  private land will need to be discussed with the landowner. Be aware there may be a Tree Preservation Order in place. If you are having issues with the landowner please read our Tree Policy FAQ.

Where a privately-owned tree is identified as posing a risk to public users of highways and open spaces or it is impeding access to a public right of way or highway, the county council can serve a notice on the landowner to carry out tree work to make the tree safe or clear access.

Trees on School Land

Trees within school grounds are the responsibility of the Head Teacher and Governors of the school.  If you have an issue with a tree or hedge then you should in the first instance contact the school.


Monmouthshire County Council own very few hedges. Most enquiries to the county council are about hedges relate to roadside hedges. The majority of roadside hedges and hedgerow trees are not owned by Monmouthshire County Council but by the adjacent landowner. Please read our Hedgerows page for more information.