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When is my collection day?

Visit MyMonmouthshire to find out when your waste & recycling will be collected.

Important information for waste collections

Please do not put tissues, kitchen roll, toilet paper or wipes in your red recycling bags. They must go in your black bags. If someone in your household has symptoms of Covid 19 any personal waste should be double bagged and put aside for 72 hours before being put out in your black bags for collection.

Please place your recycling and waste out by 7am.

Please do not put electrical items or batteries in your household rubbish collection. Lithium-Ion batteries as found in mobile phones and laptops can cause fires when sent to the waste disposal facility. It is important to dispose of batteries at battery collection points in shops or at your Recycling Centre.

Fortnightly refuse collection calendar 2024

Download our leaflet explaining What goes in which bag

  • We will only collect TWO bags of household rubbish from you.
  • You can use any black refuse bags for household rubbish, but they must be no larger than 80 litres (standard size bin bags).
  • Please do not use the red or purple bags for household rubbish as they will not be collected.
  • Red, purple and food recycling bags will still be available, free of charge.

Exceptions to the two bag restriction

Since 2013 we have operated a restricted household rubbish collection service of two bags per fortnight.  As a result we are now recycling 64% of our all our household waste.

Residents with nappy and hygiene waste can have dedicated yellow bags, these are collected fortnightly with your household rubbish. You can collect bags for this service from your local Community Hub.

If your household has more than five residents you can Contact Us for advice about managing your waste.

Ash can be put in a dustbin and will be collected in addition to your rubbish bags, please make sure ashes are cold.

On your first refuse collection day after Christmas, you may put out one additional bag of household rubbish.

Viridor and Prosiect Gwyrdd Community Fund