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When is my collection day?

Visit LocalInfo to find out when your waste & recycling will be collected.

Please place your recycling and waste out by 7am.

To use this service please collect yellow bags from your local Community Hub. You do not need to register to use this service.

Nappy and hygiene waste is collected fortnightly in yellow bags. Your collection day will be the same as your household rubbish collection day.

We have reduced the size of the yellow bags, this is due to the weight of lifting the bags for our residents and operatives. You can put out as many yellow bags as you need.

For discretion, we are able to collect your yellow bags from inside a small dustbin placed at the kerbside alongside your refuse.

The yellow bags must only be used for nappy and hygiene waste and associated items such as; disposable nappies, cotton wool, wet wipes, nappy sacks, absorbent hygiene waste products and plastic gloves. If they are used for general household rubbish they will not be collected.

For all enquiries, contact us:


Phone: 01633 644644

Or visit your Local Community Hub

Real Nappies

In Wales alone, an estimated 200 million disposable nappies are thrown away each year. Disposable nappies create a huge amount of waste, which is expensive to collect and dispose of.

Time for a change?

More and more parents are making the switch to real nappies. Not only are real nappies kind to your baby’s skin (as they contain no chemicals) but they don’t produce any waste and can save you hundreds of pounds (compared to disposables).

With today’s modern designs, using real nappies couldn’t be easier. Many fasten with Velcro or poppers and can be washed with your baby’s clothes at 40ºC. If soiled, they can be washed separately at 60ºC and can be line or tumble dried.

We also have a limited number of free samples to give to parents living in Monmouthshire. E-mail for more details.