Online registration for seasonal garden waste collection is closed. Garden waste collections for 2018 ended on 30th November.

Registrations for the 2019 service will open in February with collections to start in March.


Real Christmas Trees

There will be no garden waste collections from December to February and therefore we cannot collect real Christmas trees after the festive period.

What you can do with your real Christmas tree:

  • Real Christmas trees can be taken to one of the council’s four household waste and recycling centres at Llanfoist, Five Lanes, Mitchel Troy or Usk to be recycled.
  • Residents that register for garden waste collection in February can retain their tree until March, when it can be collected alongside your garden waste bag with a valid permit displayed.

News Article: Council’s Christmas tree recycling scheme comes to an end


Seasonal garden waste service:

The garden waste service is now a seasonal collection and will operate from March to November. Therefore there will be no garden waste collections in winter from December to February. In the future all garden waste will be collected separately to the food waste. The garden waste service was reviewed for cost effectiveness and service efficiency. During the winter months there is a substantial reduction in service usage making collections inefficient. As a response to increasing pressure on council budgets it was decided to provide a seasonal service at the same charge rather than a big price increase for a full year service.

View our FAQ leaflet for further information about the garden waste service.

How you can register and pay for the service:

  • Online
  • Over the phone: 01633 644705 (Open Monday-Thursday 9am- 5pm and Friday 9am – 4:30pm)
  • At your local Community Hub

Terms and Conditions

What happens once you have registered?

Please allow up to 14 days for your permit(s) to arrive by Royal Mail. Once you have your permit(s) showing in your bag(s) your garden waste can be collected.

New customers

Your permit(s) will arrive via the Royal Mail.

Please collect your brown bag(s) from your nearest Community Hub.

Place the permit inside the clear pocket of the brown bag. To avoid loss, please make sure that the pocket is sealed securely.

Existing customers

Your permit(s) will arrive via the Royal Mail.

Place the permit inside the clear pocket of your existing brown bag. To avoid loss, please make sure that the pocket is sealed securely.

Replacement brown bags

If you are new to the service or you need a replacement due to loss or damage:

Brown garden waste bag(s) can be collected from your nearest Community Hub.

Bag(s) can only be issued to customers with a valid contract.

The Council will replace up to two bags per year (due to loss or damage).


Useful Information

The following items are accepted in the garden waste bag:

Yes please: No thanks:
Grass cuttings soil, stones, gravel and rubble
Leaves and bark large branches or logs over 2” in diameter
Plants, weeds and cut flowers Japanese Knotweed and Common Ragwort
Twigs & small branches up to 2” in diameter Food waste
Vegetarian animal bedding cat, dog or bird waste/litter


Size of the brown bag – The dimensions for the brown garden waste bag are 45cm x 45cm x 50cm with a weight in the bottom of the bag.

Collection frequency – Garden waste is collected weekly for the period March to November. The brown bag(s) must be on the kerbside by 7am on the morning of collection. Visit the local info page to find out your day of collection.

What happens to the garden waste after it is collected? – Garden waste is collected separately to food waste. This means it can be processed into compost at a local farm.

Why do we charge for this service? – There is no legislative duty to collect garden waste and we have to make a charge to recover the collection costs (it is not included in your council tax). View our FAQ flyer for more information about the garden waste charge.

Collection rules

All garden waste must be inside the bag (not overflowing). If it is overflowing the Council reserves the right to not empty the bags.

The garden waste bag must not be too heavy. The operative will have to lift the bag to shoulder height. There is no set weight limit. If the operative cannot safely lift the bag the council reserves the right to not empty the bag.


Home composting

Home composting your garden waste is an environmentally friendly option. You can buy a compost bin from your local garden centre.

Visit Recycle for Wales for more information about how to compost at home, including a beginners guide video.