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The first stage in preparing the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) is to review information from the existing evidence base and gather further evidence where necessary. This is required as the RLDP must be based on robust and up-to-date evidence and also to ensure the Plan is found  ‘sound’ at examination. This includes plans and proposals from other organisations. The evidence base will be updated throughout the Plan preparation process.   

RLDP Evidence Base

RLDP Issues, Vision and Objectives (Updated December 2022)

RLDP Growth and Spatial Options Paper (September 2022)

Sustainable Settlements Appraisal (Updated December 2022) & Settlement Profiles

Self-Assessment of the Preferred Strategy against the Tests of Soundness (December 2022)


Local Housing Market Assessment 2020-2025 (2020)

Housing Background Paper (December 2022)

Monmouthshire RLDP Updated Demographic Evidence Report, Edge Analytics (November 2021)

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (May 2016).  Update submitted to Welsh Government following Cabinet approval January 2021 – awaiting approval from Welsh Government.

Green Belt Minister’s Letters 

Letter to Julie James AM from Leader of Monmouthshire County Council and Leader of the Monmouthshire County Council Labour Group (September 2019) 

Julie James AM reply to September 2019 Monmouthshire County Council letter (October 2019) 

Natural Environment

Landscape Sensitivity Study Update produced by White Consultants (October 2020)


MCC Economies of the Future Reports produced by BE Group (2018)

Monmouthshire 2040: Economic Growth and Ambition Statement (November 2019)

Inward Investment Prospectus 2020: Growing your Business in Monmouthshire (March 2020)

Regional Employment Study – Larger Than Local Study produced by BE Group (March 2020)

Employment Land Background Paper (May 2022)

Monmouthshire Employment Land Review, BE Group (November 2022)

Renewable Energy

Monmouthshire Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Assessment (October 2020) – Non technical Summary
Monmouthshire Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Assessment Main Report
Monmouthshire Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Assessment Appendices
Monmouthshire Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Assessment References


Retail Background Paper (August 2022)


Minerals Regional Technical Statement (RTS) – 2nd Review for South Wales (September 2020)

Welsh Government RTS Clarification Letter – 11th November 2021

The South East Wales Waste Planning Report – April 2016

Document Charging Schedule

Document Charging Schedule