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We produce Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) to provide further detail on certain policies and proposals in the Local Development Plan (LDP). SPG does not have the same status as adopted plan policies but may be taken into account as a material consideration.

A programme of SPG to support the LDP was endorsed by Planning Committee and the Individual Cabinet Member in May 2016. The Report and the SPG Schedule are available to view.

The following SPG’s have been adopted to support the LDP, following public consultation. The adopted SPG’s are available to view using the links below:

Infill Development SPG November 2019

Affordable Housing SPG July 2019

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency SPG March 2016

Green Infrastructure April 2015

Conversion of Agricultural Buildings Design Guide SPG April 2015

LDP Policies H5 & H6 Replacement Dwellings in the Open Countryside and Extension of Rural Dwellings SPG April 2015

Primary Shopping Frontages Supplementary Planning Guidance April 2016

Rural Conversions to a Residential or Tourism Use (Policies H4 and T2) Supplementary Planning Guidance November 2017

Sustainable Tourism Accommodation Supplementary Planning Guidance November 2017