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There are two levels of PCN – a higher level and a lower level – depending on the parking contravention.

The following PCN costs are in force across Monmouthshire 

  • Higher level PCN – £70.00 
  • Lower level PCN – £50.00 

Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) is enforced by our team of uniformed civil enforcement officers, who work seven days a week throughout the county.  

The Secretary of State decides which contraventions are at which levels and sets PCN costs. You can find what level a contravention is by reading the government’s legislation. 

You have 28 days to make payment or provide an informal challenge/appeal from the date issued. If you would like to challenge your PCN please click the following link Challenging a PCN.

There is a 50% discount if the PCN is paid within the 14 days after issue. If the PCN is unpaid after this discount period, it will increase to its full amount. If no payment or challenge is made within the 28 days from the issue date, South Wales Parking Group (SWPG) will serve a Notice to Owner (NtO) to the registered owner of the vehicle. This acts as a final reminder before an additional surcharge is added to the amount of the penalty.  

To pay your penalty charge notice, please visit How to pay page.

If payment still isn’t made by the motorist this will eventually be registered as a debt. Unpaid debts will be recovered by enforcement agents (Debt Collectors) Marston Holdings and will incur additional charges.  

If you have received correspondence or a visit from our Enforcement Agents (Debt Collectors) Marston Holdings, you have to correspond with them directly from that point onwards. 

You can make payment using the following methods: 

Telephone: 0333 320 1100 


To speak to one of the team at Marston Holdings to make payment or discuss direct debit options please call 0333 320 1781 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm. 

All other methods of payment will be explained within any correspondence that you receive. 

Please quote you reference number on all calls and correspondence. 

Please note that when your case is being dealt with by Marstons, all contact needs to be made directly with them.  Monmouthshire County Council cannot answer questions regarding any payment queries or challenges at this stage.