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You can pay a penalty charge notice or PCN online, by phone or by post. You can appeal against a PCN if you believe it has been wrongly issued. You will not be able to appeal a penalty charge notice after you’ve paid it.

How to challenge a PCN

You will need the PCN number to pay, the PCN reference number will always start with MM followed by a combination of letters and numbers for example MM12345678 or MM1234567A. The reduced rate charge will only be accepted if payment is received within the specified time (14 days), after this time the charge will increase to its full amount. Failure to pay at all may result in prosecution.

Paying online

It can take up to 24 hours for the details of your PCN to be processed and your details to appear on the system – please bear this in mind if you’re trying to pay and your PCN number and registration number are not recognised

If you’re paying online after the 14day discount period, you’ll be prompted to enter your PCN reference number and you will be required to pay the full amount of the PCN. The SWPG system will automatically update your case with the correct fee if the discount period has ended.

Pay Online

Paying by phone

Use the automated payment system at any time by calling 033 33 200867.

Paying by post

By using the envelope provided with the PCN. Alternatively, if you no longer have the PCN wallet, please post your written correspondence to SWPG, PO BOX 112, Pontypridd, CF37 9EL