Open data is data that anyone can access, use or share.

Monmouthshire has an approach to Open Data, where we aim to publish data sets that are useful and not confidential in an open data format

Monmouthshire County Council is developing its open data offer and we are keen to start a dialogue with people who want to use our data.

We want to know more about the kinds of data we should publish and the ways in which people want to use it, this will make sure our Open Data page is as useful as possible. Click here to share your views

To find out more about Open Data visit the Open Data Institute.

Monmouthshire Datasets

We are developing our approach to open data. Not all service areas will have open data available.

Unless otherwise indicated everything on this website is released under the Open Government Licence which means you can reuse and reproduce it freely, with only a few conditions.

You can use our data to create apps or link directly to your websites.

Data about Monmouthshire published by other organisations

Other organisations already publish data about Monmouthshire, where this relates to specific service areas we have linked to this under other sources of data in each individual section. Some other sources related to a range of services are:

  • Info Base Cymru – Data on Wales covering a range of themes, including local authority performance
  • Details of Freedom of Information requests made via What do they know
  • Lots of information on how Monmouthshire compares to other parts of Wales is available at StatsWales
  • Lle provides data and information covering a wide spectrum of topics in Wales, but primarily around the environment.