Applications received for the clubs, pubs and premises      

New applications

The Club, 15 White Cross Street, Monmouth.

Variation applications

Aldi Store, Mill Street, Abergavenny, NP7 5HF.

Review applications

No new review applications.


Statement of Principles

The Gambling Act 2005 requires each Licensing Authority to determine and publish a statement of Principles at least once every three years.  This policy must be published before it carries out any licensing functions under the Act.

The current Gambling policy covers the three-year period that began on 31 January 2019  and as such it is now currently being reviewed.  You can view this draft policy, which is instrumental in determining applications that affect gambling.

I hope you take the opportunity to read this document and we would be happy to receive any comments on this policy.  The period of consultation runs until Tuesday, 31st August 2021.  This is your opportunity to contribute to this important policy document update in order to work towards a vibrant and safe community.

Taxi and Private Hire Policy and Conditions

Following the release of the  Department of Transport (DfT) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Standards and the  Welsh Government  ‘Harmonisation of Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Licensing in Wales, which proposes the basis for further development of a national standards and a policy throughout Wales.

At the request of Welsh Government this Authority is conducting its first changes to it’s policy.  The changes will amend medical checks.  It is further intended to undertake enhanced DBS every 6 months after the granting of new drivers licences. New drivers will be required to undertake an enhanced DBS check upon application.  Those currently licensed by this Authority will be required to do a DBS check upon renewal of their licence, and then every 6 months after renewal.  This procedure will be the same for Private Hire Operators.  However Operators will be required to conduct a basic DBS and they will not be required to have a check if they already do so as they are a driver.  Operators will be required to carry out checks on their booking and dispatch staff and for vehicle proprietors to also carry out DBS checks.  It is recommended that this will commence on 1st October 2021.

I hope you take the opportunity to read the documents. The period of consultation runs until Tuesday, 31st August 2021.

Contact the Licensing Team:

01873 735420

Licensing Section, Abergavenny Community Education Centre, Old Hereford Road, Abergavenny, NP7 6EL