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September 2023 brings about the end of the first iteration of Infuse – Innovative Future Services, concluding three years of investment in building the skills, capacity and confidence of public servants in innovation across the Cardiff Capital Region. 

It is easy to forget how unique Infuse is, taking a collaborative approach across eighteen organisations to tackle society’s biggest problems.  To us at Infuse, this has been our norm; the selfless sharing of skills, knowledge, ideas and support has allowed us to build an environment like no other.  Collaboration through learning, whilst exchanging knowledge, is a wholesome experience to be part of; we have consistently worked with values driven people who whilst initially unsure can now see a better way, a different way to their goal.

Infuse has provided the platform for public servants and third sector professionals to adopt an experimental mindset and to apply learning using different methods to lower risk and reduce uncertainty.  Taking into account the multitude of challenges we currently face. It makes me proud to consider the one hundred and twenty people in our region more equipped to handle the uncertainty. If you haven’t had the opportunity to be an Infuse Alumni member, please could I encourage you to read our Infuse Handbook which presents the most impactful parts of our programme.

The vision for the future of Infuse is exciting, matched by the interest of new organisations outside of the Cardiff Capital Region who connect with our purpose.  The work over the next few months will be to explore how we take the purpose and principles of Infuse forward into a new and tightly focused delivery model.  We are currently working with a range of partners such as the Cardiff Capital Region, Welsh Government and a host of Local Authorities.  Please watch this space, to quote Kellie Beirne (Cardiff Capital Region): “Infuse is not a noun but a verb, this is a movement not a programme”.


Owen Wilce, Infuse Programme Manager

Mindsets and Methods for Innovation in Public Services EVENT

The Infuse final event, Mindsets and Methods for Innovation in Public Services took place on the 20th September at the Marriott Hotel in Cardiff. 

As the the first iteration of the Infuse programme will conclude at the end of September 2023 it was a chance to celebrate and reflect.   Having spent three years designing and delivering our innovation programme Infuse, we have developed some substantial learning about the mindsets needed for public service innovation, and the best tools to help us get there.

The event brought together front line public servants, senior public or third sector leaders, and individuals interested in developing an innovation and learning programme themselves; people left the event inspired to make change happen.

During the event The Infuse Innovation Handbook was launched. The handbook presents the shared learning and inspiration from the Infuse programme and along with the innovative mindsets of the alumni, it will be the legacy going forward.

“At Infuse we believe innovation is about value, it is not simply a tool or approach but a state of mind.  And never have we needed it more than now.” Owen Wilce, Infuse Programme Manager.

The event included sessions on:

  • Innovation is a State of Mind, chaired by Owen Wilce, Programme Manager.
  • Experimentation for Public Service Innovation by Robert Ashelford, Head of Nesta Cymru.
  • Lessons from the Infuse learning labs by James Lewis, Director at Y Lab – the Public Services Innovation Lab for Wales.
  • Prioritising Innovation for the Future of the Region.
  • Keynote speakers: Alice Horn, Change Analyst (Policy & Reviews) from The Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and Kellie Beirne, Chief Executive of Cardiff Capital Region.

Infuse alumni were instrumental in the event and took part in questions and answer sessions, sharing their learning of Infuse and the impact it has had on their work and personal development.


Learning from the programme, along with key tools and methods, are captured in the Infuse Handbook (digital version).

Legacy of Infuse

“Innovation is key in tackling some of the challenges being faced across the region, through the Infuse Programme 120 public servants have developed tools, methods, research, and evidence to enable innovative solutions to challenges in two themes; Accelerating Decarbonisation & Supportive Communities.

“The legacy of Infuse resides within the alumni, who are enthusiastic to share what has been learnt with colleagues and foster innovation within their own organisations.  The Infuse Alumni is a supportive innovation network, with a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.  It is about bringing sharp minds together in one space to look at the future, to look at what could be, and how we get there.

“If you are interested in being part of an Infuse Innovation Network, please contact me!”
Alyn Jones portrait

Alyn Jones, Infuse Programme Engagement Manager

Oishee Kundu was a Research Associate on the Infuse programme, instrumental in delivering sessions on sustainable procurement.

Read her blog >Looking back: Reflecting as a Procurement Researcher in Infuse

Previous blogs are found on > News & Media

“My experience as an Infuse associate was extremely insightful and has enabled me to think differently on how I approach innovation. Infuse created a healthy atmosphere which fed curiosity, offered challenges, growth and both future and outside the box thinking.

“I was particularly interested in the procurement lab and how local authorities could harness things such as social value and joint procurement strategies and objectives.

“Furthermore, Infuse has changed not just my thought processes around innovation but also how I manage.  I now have an innovations day with my team to take time to stop and look at what we are doing in the present and challenge the status quo for the future.”


Luke George

Social Value Officer, City of Cardiff Council

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