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If you are currently experiencing abuse or violence from a member of your household, or you have been threatened with imminent violence or abuse, you can contact the Housing Options team for advice and support.

Contact Us

To contact the Housing Options Team:

Telephone :  01633 644 644

Email :

You can approach any local authority for help to flee, it does not have to be the area you are currently living in.

Abuse includes, but is not limited to, physical violence or threats of violence. Psychological, financial, emotional and sexual abuse are all considered as domestic abuse.

Once you have contacted us, a Housing Options Officer will speak to you about your situation and complete a homelessness application. As part of this process you will be asked if you would like additional support.

Monmouthshire Council works with specialist support agencies who support people experiencing or fleeing Domestic Abuse. You can find out more information about support services here (click to view Housing Support).

You can still access this specialist support if you are experiencing Domestic Abuse but do not feel ready or able to leave. You can self-refer or have someone do this on your behalf.

Depending on your current situation your Housing Options Officer will either refer you for temporary accommodation, a refuge, or take steps to help you stay safe in your home.

Contact the National Domestic Abuse Helpline

You can call us, for free and in confidence, 24-hours a day.

0808 2000 247