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Roads and streets are kept clean in Monmouthshire through our street cleansing programme. How often a road is swept depends on two things:

  1. Roads which have more traffic and have a tendency to have more litter will be swept more often
  2. Larger accumulations of litter and refuse should be cleared more quickly than smaller accumulations

We are concerned with how clean land is, rather than how often it is swept. This means that an area which all but escapes littering will seldom need to be swept whereas a litter black spot may need frequent attention.

Monmouthshire County Council also distribute litter bins and manage fly tipping.

Litter Bins

The size and sighting of litter bins is decided by the conditions prevailing in each area. Most litter bins are placed in busy thoroughfares, such as high streets, car parks, bus stops and in close proximity to take away restaurants, where space allows.

Fly Tipping

All instances of fly tipping should be reported by completing our online form or contact your local Community Hub.

We aim to remove fly tipping, other than that on private land, within an average of five working days and work closely with the Environment Agency in dealing with major instances of illegal dumping.

Gritting Routes

Graffiti & Vandalism