This consultation is about the future of the garden waste collection service.

We have some difficult decisions to make and would like your input to inform the best way forward for our garden waste customers and residents.

Please complete our short survey via the button below.

The public consultation will close on 12th December 2022.


How will the consultation work?
The consultation will be open from 22nd November to 12th December. It will be available to residents online or alternatively you can phone 01633 644644 or visit a Community Hub. Current garden waste customers will receive an email regarding the consultation.

The results of the consultation will be put into a report with a recommendation for the service going forward. This will go through a scrutiny process for Councillor decision on the outcome in January 2023.

The results of the consultation and decision process will be displayed on the website.

Why is the price increasing?
The Council is facing significant budget pressures moving forward. The proposed price options will cover the full cost of providing the service.

The service has not seen an increase in price since 2021/22 and at that time a subsidy of £7 per bin was delivered through external grant funding. The original proposal was to charge £35 for the service.

The cost was not increased in 2021 when the service was impacted by Covid-19. We have seen significant increases in service costs in the last year such as increased fuel prices.

Garden waste collections are a non-statutory chargeable service where residents opt-in.

Why is this service not covered by council tax payments?
Garden waste collections are a non-statutory chargeable waste collection service. The service can recover full costs of collections but must not recover costs for the disposal element.

Garden waste collections is a non-statutory chargeable service where residents opt-in. There are a number of options open to residents to treat garden waste that do not opt-in, including, home composting (MCC provide cost price home composters through the reuse shop), delivery of material to one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres, community composting at participating allotments etc.

Why do the different options not provide the same cost per collection?
There are fixed costs of providing a collection service that cannot be greatly reduced while still providing a service.

The collection costs (such as vehicles, bins and staff) cannot be halved by reducing the frequency of collections by halve. This is why the monthly service option is not half the price of the fortnightly option.

For more information about the current garden waste service please visit our garden waste page