Can I park my Camper van in a Monmouthshire car park ? 

No overnight dwelling is allowed in our car parks. However you are welcome to visit.  

How do I apply for a Parking permit ? 

You can apply for a parking permit online via our My Monmouthshire app platform

Can I pre pay for parking over a number of days ? 

You can buy a 1 day or 5 day ticket at a reduced rate from all long stay car parks.  

Because my vehicle is wide I cannot fit in 1 space ? What can I do ? 

You can buy 2 tickets for your vehicle.  

What are the height restrictions in your car parks ? 

Bus Station, Abergavenny, Cattle Market and Rockfield Road in Monmouth have height restrictions of 2.8 metres 

Can I park for free on a bank holiday ?  

Parking charges still apply on a bank holiday. 

Do I have to send the overstay ticket to you ? 

Yes you need to send us the overstay ticket to the address stated on the penalty charge notice. 

Where is my nearest electric car charging point ?  

Welsh Street Car Park in Chepstow is our pilot electric car charging point, but we hope to offer this in a number of car parks in the future.  

Where is my nearest car park ? 

You can view your nearest car park here using our interactive map. 

How much is a parking permit ? 

How much does it cost to park in one of your car parks ?