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Why have I been charged additional fees for using the PayByPhone app?

PayByPhone only charge an additional fee for customers who choose to receive SMS Receipts and SMS Alerts. These services are optional and can be turned on or off within your account at any time. For further information about these additional options and the costs, please visit this link to PayByPhone’s website: Optional texts (

Can I park my Camper van in a Monmouthshire car park?  

We do allow Camper Vans and Motorhomes to park in our car parks. However, we do have the following restrictions in place: No overnight dwelling is allowed in our car parks and we have a weight restriction in our carparks of 3.5 tonnes.  

Can I pre pay for parking over a number of days?  

You can purchase a 5 day or 6 day ticket at a reduced rate from our pay and display machines in all of our Long Stay car parks.  

If you have any enquiries regarding parking or wish to stay in our long stay car parks for a prolonged period please contact us via email at where we will be able to assist you further with your parking request.  

My vehicle is wide and I cannot fit into 1 parking space? What can I do?  

If you find your vehicle is encroaching 2 parking bays due to its size, you will need to buy an additional ticket to cover your vehicle for the 2 bays you are using in the car park.  

I have a motorcycle, where can I park and do I have to pay for my stay? 

A number of our carparks accommodate motorcycles by offering motorcycle bays, for more information please follow the link provided. If you park in a motorcycle bay you will not be required to pay for your stay in the car park.  

What are the height restrictions in your car parks?  

Bus Station – Abergavenny, Cattle Market and Rockfield Road in Monmouth have height restrictions of 2.8 metres.   

Can I park for free on a bank holiday? 

Parking charges still apply on a bank holiday. 

What are the car park operating days and times? 

Our Car Parks operate Monday – Sunday    8am – 6pm. Any time before or after the Car Parking times apply, will be free parking to the public. However, some contraventions i.e. not parked within a bay and parked in a reserved bay are in place 24/7. Please adhere to the car parking rules listed on our tariff and entry boards.  

If I purchase a ticket before the car parking times operate, will it cover my stay? 

If you purchase a ticket before the car parking times operate, the machine will automatically calculate the ticket to start from 8am to cover your stay in the car park. 

Where is my nearest electric car charging point?   

To find out about our EV charging points, please visit Electric Car Charging page. 

Where is my nearest car park?  

You can view your nearest car park here using our interactive map.  

How much does it cost to park in one of your car parks?  

Click here to view our parking fees  

If you experience any problems with paying via Pay By Phone please contact Pay By Phone directly via their email – or alternatively please visit their website – PayByPhone Support UK – Website –