An individual can apply for a temporary 12 month badge if they are recovering from, or awaiting treatment for serious illnesses or injuries.

Examples of this are

  • Recovering from complex leg fractures like those managed with external fixators for periods well over a year.
  • Recovering from a stroke or head injury which impacts on mobility.
  • Recovering from a spinal trauma which impacts on mobility.
  • Undergoing medical treatment e.g. for cancer, that impacts on mobility.
  • Recovering from or awaiting joint replacement e.g. hip, knee that severely limits on mobility.

In cases where it is clear that the applicant’s impairment will improve within 12 months a Blue Badge will not be issued.

Proof of Eligibility

The eligibility for a temporary Blue Badge is based on the applicant being unable to walk or have considerable difficulty walking.

Evidence is required from specialists such as:

  • Hospital re-enablement teams involved in the patient’s care
  • Local Authority social services who assist in the patient’s rehabilitation
  • Health professionals providing specialist services