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Monmouthshire County Council’s Leader, Cllr. Mary Ann Brocklesby
Monmouthshire County Council’s Leader, Cllr. Mary Ann Brocklesby

Monmouthshire County Council is launching a series of short films on its social media channels to introduce its new Leader and Cabinet to residents across the County.

The ‘Meet the Cabinet’ films feature local locations relevant to their respective Cabinet Members’ Wards and responsibilities, including Caldicot Castle, Chepstow riverside, Llanelly Hill and in Monmouth, and give an introductory insight into the background, ethos, priorities and aims of the new members.

Since the election in May, the Cabinet Members have been out and about visiting key sites within their area of responsibility, meeting those involved and the community in a wider sense, across the county.

In the first of the films, the first female Leader of Monmouthshire County Council, Cllr. Mary Ann Brocklesby visited the Welfare Hall in Llanelly Hill and said: “What I want to see in the next five years is a Monmouthshire that is thriving. Where everybody feels that they have a place. That they are respected. That they have a home that they feel secure in. That they feel part of a community and connected to other people, and this is the place they feel they can thrive in the future because the environment is being protected by us and with us.”

The Council Leader, who is committed to addressing inequality and promoting inclusivity, also said: “I am going to do everything I can to ensure that nobody is left behind in Monmouthshire and that we are all listened to.”

On Saturday 10th September there will also be the chance to meet some of the members at the Monmouthshire County Council marquee at the Usk Show, so why not go along and find out more about council services and share your thoughts on what your priorities are, share what community projects you would like to see developed, and much more besides.

In the meantime, you can watch the first of the films by visiting the Council’s website at or keep up to date via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) by following @MonmouthshireCC

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