Garden waste collection service

Registration is now CLOSED for the garden waste collection service.

Registration will open shortly for the service starting on 1st April 2017. Current customers will receive a reminder letter when registration opens.



Each household may purchase as many permits as they need. You must have 1 permit per bag.

It can take up to 14 days for the permit/s to arrive. The permit/s will be posted to you. Once you have your permit/s showing in your bag/s your garden waste can be collected.

Terms and Conditions

New customers

  • Your permits will arrive via the post.
  • Please collect your brown bag/s from your nearest Community Hub.
  • Please check the opening times of the Community Hubs as they have some evening and weekend opening times.
  • Please take your registration letter with you.
  • Place a permit in the inside the clear pocket of each brown bag. Please seal the pocket to prevent the permit from falling out during collection.

Existing customers / Replacement brown bags

  • Your permits will arrive via the post.
  • If you have your brown bag/s from last year, please replace the permit/s and continue to use the bag/s.
  • You can collect replacement brown bag/s from your local Community Hub when required.
  • Please check the opening times of the Community Hubs as they have some evening and weekend opening times.


The following items are accepted in the garden waste bag:

Grass clippings Twigs and small branches (up to 2” in diameter)
Weeds Real Christmas trees
Leaves and bark Vegetarian animal waste & compostable bedding
Plants and cut flowers

Please note we cannot accept soil, rubble, stones, gravel, cat or dog waste/litter.


What size is the brown garden waste bag?

The dimensions for the brown garden waste bag are 45cm x 45cm x 50cm with a weight in the bottom of the bag.

All garden waste should be placed in your brown bag and placed out on the kerbside by 7am on the morning of collection. Garden waste is collected weekly along with your food waste.

What happens to the garden and food waste recycling?

When is my recycling & waste collected?

 Please place your recycling and waste out by 7am.

Why do we charge for this service?

All councils are facing severe cuts and difficult choices have to be made. Garden waste collections are discretionary and by law we do not have to provide them. The council has decided that a charge is preferable to cutting this service.

Garden waste is expensive to pick up, transport and process. We believe it is better to deal with it at home, by turning it into compost for the garden.

Home composting

The reduced price compost bin scheme has now finished. Please contact for information about home composting.

You can buy a compost bin from any local garden centre.

For a beginners guide to making compost visit

Also visit the Recycle For Wales website to view our guide to home composting.

Home Composting Video