All services are FREE. It doesn’t matter which type of home you live in, it doesn’t matter that you don’t currently have a home , it doesn’t matter where in Monmouthshire you live , anyone can apply.

Housing Support can assist with a range of issues. Support is provided either by Monmouthshire County Councils In-house team or is provided through a range of providers who work with the Gateway.

A wider range of services is also available through the Gateway. These services can help with issues related to promoting health and wellbeing, social inclusion and family relationships.

Housing support can:- ·

  • Help you find and manage a home
  • Help you to set up your own home
  • Help you to make relevant benefit claims and manage Universal Credit issues.
  • Help you to manage money and debts
  • Help you to access other services, including health services, education and social services.
  • Help you to access education, training ,voluntary and employment opportunities
  • Help you to contact and liaise with other agencies.

People, who have used support services, include:-

  • People with mental health issues
  • People with physical difficulties
  • People with learning difficulties
  • People who have suffered domestic abuse
  • People with chronic illness
  • Families with support needs
  • Single people with support needs
  • Young people ( aged 16 or over)
  • People with substance misuse problems
  • Prison leavers
  • Older people( aged 55 years or over)

Anyone can apply