Your Homeless Prevention Officer will consider the following duties:

  • Section 62 – This is our duty to assess your housing need – From this we will decide if you are eligible and whether you are homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days. We will talk with you about why you are homelessness, any support needs you or a family member have and what you would like to happen. This assessment will help you and the officer to consider and agree steps to prevent or relieve homelessness. This is called your Personal Housing Plan.
  • Section 66 – This is our duty to help prevent your homelessness – The actions on your Personal Housing Plan will be done by both you and your Homeless Prevention Officer to try to prevent you from becoming homeless. We can end this duty for a number of reasons which include: you are no longer threatened with homelessness, you have become homeless or you have failed to cooperate with the personal housing plan agreed to prevent homelessness.
  • Section 73 – This is our Duty we have to you to help relieve your homelessness – If you are homeless now, or the work to help prevent homelessness has not worked, we will work with you for up to 56 days to help end your homelessness. This may include offering you some emergency accommodation. This will depend on your individual circumstances. We can end this duty for a number of reasons which include: all possible steps have been tried, you are no longer homeless, you have failed to cooperate with the personal housing plan agreed to relieve your homelessness.
  • Section 68 Duty – This is our duty to provide emergency accommodation for those who are eligible, homeless and have an apparent priority need for housing.
  • Section 75 Duty – This is our duty to secure accommodation for you – This if our final and absolute duty for those who are eligible, homeless, have a priority need for housing, are unintentionally homeless and have a local connection to Monmouthshire.

What if I disagree with your decision?

If you disagree with the decision that has been made on your case, or the suitability of accommodation offered to you, then you have a right to request a review. Further information on how to ask for a review will be sent to you with your decision letter. You will need to send your request in within 21 days from when you received your decision letter, or offer of accommodation letter. The review will be carried out by an independent person who will be senior to the original decision maker and who will not have been involved with the original decision on your case.

A decision will be reached normally within 8 weeks from the date of request for a review, however, it is anticipated a decision would be made before this. You, or a representative on your behalf, will be invited to provide any further additional information or evidence that you wish the reviewing officer to consider.

You will be informed of the decision in writing.

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