A Visibility Mirror is usually a curved acrylic mirror often used to improve visibility around blind corners

In keeping with previous guidance issued by the Department for Transport, Monmouthshire County Council does not support the installation of mirrors on the highway.

This is because rather than improving safety, a mirror can in certain circumstances increase safety risks. The following may well arise from the placement of a mirror on the highway and could negatively influence road safety.

This may be due to the following reasons:

  • Distortion of reflected image, glare from sunlight or headlamps affecting the driver’s vision.
  • Visibility issues during bad weather (rain, snow, and frost), distorting or restricting the view.
  • Difficulty judging speed of an approaching vehicle from the mirror image.
  • Creating an unreasonable dependence on the mirror.
  • The restricted image may also compromise the safety of cyclists who may not appear in the mirror.
  • Mirrors can be easily damaged and misaligned.