We manage three allotment sites in Monmouthshire:

  • Abergavenny (Bryn y Cwm)
    Located: Cemetery Road, Llanfoist
  • Chepstow (Lower Wye)
    Located: Strongbow Road, Bulwark
  • Monmouth (Central Monmouthshire)
    Located: Millennium Field Chippenham

Along with the two sites that we run, there are also several sites managed by town and community councils.

To apply for an allotment, please contact your local community hub.

How to start your own allotment

Spend some time planning before getting started. Think about how much money you have to spend and the time you have to work on your allotment.

A great deal of commitment to your allotment is needed in the early stages to clear and then manage your plot, depending on the size.

The Royal Horticultural Society can offer advice on planning your allotment. More guidance can also be found about planning the allotment or vegetable plot.