Who are we?

The Responsive Service is a multi-agency team in each Borough consisting  of Health, Local Authority staff and volunteers.  We work alongside Midwives and Health Visitors to offer support and advice around breast and bottle feeding and advice regarding your emotional wellbeing.  The Service is available Monday to Friday.

What we do

The service contacts you by phone within 72 hours of you leaving hospital and as required during the early months. We offer support by phone or video call, whichever is best for you.

How we can help

Our Teams are trained to offer

support with all aspects of feeding


  • Positioning and latching on for breast feeders.
  • Responsive Feeding – Signals and cues for feeding, comfort and Care.
  • Colic and wind relief, using natural baby massage techniques.
  • Advice on making up feeds and safe sterilisation of equipment.
  • Your Emotional Wellbeing

How will we know to contact you?

Our staff will contact local maternity units daily

for details of mothers who have been

discharged home so we are able to contact you

and support with infant feeding and parental emotional health.

You have a number of rights in relation to this information including the right of access to information we hold about you and the right of complaint if you are unhappy with the way your information is being processed. 

For further information on how we process

your information and your rights please

go to the link below:


The Responsive Service can be contacted:

Monday – Friday, 10.00-4.00pm

If you would like further information on the service you can speak to your midwife or contact us on 01873 735424.