Apply for the Childcare Offer for Wales for the 2022 autumn term:

Apply for the Childcare Offer for Wales for the January 2023 term:

Get 30 hours of childcare for 3 and 4 year olds | GOV.WALES

If you’re already accessing the Offer, there is nothing you need to do as you will remain on the current system until you become ineligible.

For any questions regarding the Childcare Offer application form, to make changes to applications or to find out how long your application will take, please email

Childcare Offer Contact Details:

You need to email if you have any application queries or change of circumstances.

(The Newport City Council childcare team administer the funding on Monmouthshire’s behalf. Monmouthshire team do not have access to records and cannot advise anything in these areas. You can currently only contact Newport via their email address.)

General Childcare Offer queries (am I eligible, when can I apply, which provision accepts the offer): 


Tel: 01633 644527 

Facebook Page:  


Childcare Offer full details including eligibility criteria, exceptions, guidance and instructions on how to apply


For Childcare Providers:

To register for the childcare offer in Monmouthshire for children eligible from January 2023, please visit

and follow all the instructions.

If you would like to register for the childcare offer for children eligible before 31st December 2022, please contact us at