FPN (also referred to as early education) is a term used to describe the time your child spends in the Foundation Phase Nursery terms, from the term following their 3rd birthday, until the September following their 4th birthday. Although not compulsory, this is a very important phase in your child’s life as it lays the building blocks for their future learning.

FPN takes place both inside the early years’ classrooms and in the outdoor area which allows children to learn through play. The curriculum gives every child the opportunity to be at the centre of their learning. Your child’s interests will be taken into account and they will be encouraged to make choices about their learning. Fully qualified staff will be working with whole classes, small groups and individuals to develop children’s learning, whilst making observations.  This results in a learning experience which is fun, practical and full of hands-on activities which are known to develop positive attitudes to learning.

Research shows that the benefits of FPN include:

  • The development of a positive attitude to learning
  • The development of confidence
  • The ability to make mistakes without fear of failure
  • The development of language and communication skills
  • Expression through dance, music and art
  • The development of thinking and problem solving skills
  • The development of self-motivation and independence
  • The development of numeracy skills

The Foundation Phase is built on the principles of learning through play. Research has been proven that play is crucial to the educational development of all children, and evidence shows that learning through play is a powerful means of helping children to develop and extend their language and communication skills. Play is how young children make sense of the world. There are many forms of play that support the Foundation Phase curriculum including role play, creative play, imaginative play. construction play and exploratory play.

In conclusion, FPN enables children to enjoy learning and playing before they begin school and this experience will help them to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for their future years in education.

For information about FPN places in Monmouthshire, please visit http://www.fis.wales/fis/W06000021

For more information about the FPN please download the guide below.